Waiting list

At this point I’ve had a line of potential clay figurines waiting for me to give them form and color. I’ve put them in a zip-lock bag so that they keep their moisture. I lined them up on my window sill. I like how they look, a bit creepy it reminds me of a movie I’ve seen but can’t remember which one.


I’ve been working quite hard to bring some life into them. The countries I chose to create these 6 models are Suriname, Morroco, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey and of course The Netherlands. I spontaneously started working on them, but during the process I’ve been thinking that the design of the first 10 Delft Blue kissing couples could be based on different aspects, for example: the amount of people who represent a certain culture or the evident influence they’ve had in Dutch culture or both. I still don’t know if the selection will follow a chronological order. We’ll see where this process is leading to.

To go back to the design process, I’ve made quite a few try-outs before I achieved a shape I feel satisfied with. I wasn’t planning to give a specific shape but rather allow it to let the clay shape it self. Some basic requirements are that the final result should give a playful feeling and that they can be slip casted in a 2 piece plaster mold.

You can see here below the results so far of the models of the  six new ” kissing couples” .