To Kiss or Not To Kiss at the Dutch Design Week 2017, An unexpected and rewarding impact.

Dutch Design Week is busy. We all know that. But that we would be stormed by people with questions, remarks and suggestions in this way is something we didn’t see coming. And we loved it. The months of hard work to prepare for this week paid off and we could show off what we had been working on for so long. The To Kiss or Not To Kiss (TKONTK) souvenir pop-up store was set up at the Klokgebouw as part of the Work in Progress exhibition about design research within Universities of Applied Science.

During the 10 days of exhibition we received around 4000 visitors who either took a photo in the blown up Delft Blue Tile, tasted the ‘Multicultural Stroopwafels’ and appreciated the multicultural version of the “New Dutch Kissing Couples”. The Pop-up store served its purpose of being a platform for co-creation. We received valuable feedback from the visitors and non-visitors as well. Visitors also wanted to know when the products could be purchased, an answer which I hope we can provide soon.

The TKONTK project generated quite some opinions and surprised looks. At the DDW, they were positive without exception, but interestingly enough, the internet offered more variety. We even made it to the National News! Under here I share a few links to the diverse media that published about the project and a short photographic review of our activities during DDW-2018.

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TV  ( around minute 6.3 in the video)


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