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Diversity is sweet!

The richness of cultural diversity can be expressed in different types of souvenirs. As an opportunity to expand this idea, Aliana Bertolo one of my students at IDE/Open Innovator took the challenge to explore how she could express…

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Pop-up Plans

The project is expanding in interesting directions. Through the co-creation sessions I met Anja Overdiek who works as a senior researcher at the Innovation Networks Lectorate of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. After a couple of inspiring…

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While the Chinese kissing couple was in the glazing process, I thought it would be a valuable opportunity to involve a multidisciplinary and multicultural group of students in the project. In agreement with the IDE-Open Innovator program managers…

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What has been happening?

It has been a while since the last time I posted something about this project. Apart from being busy with work and my own education, my approach to this project has been to take it one step at…

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3D thinking

As we all know 3D printing has been growing and progressing in leaps and bounds in the past years. I was curious to find if it would be an option to 3D print this souvenir in porcelain at…

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Leiden’s hidden treasure

When I visited the National Museum of Ethnology, I discovered that my next visit should be the Textile Research Center in Leiden. A few weeks later I visited this amazing place which to me has been very valuable…

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