While the Chinese kissing couple was in the glazing process, I thought it would be a valuable opportunity to involve a multidisciplinary and multicultural group of students in the project. In agreement with the IDE-Open Innovator program managers I organized some activities in which students could put their design competencies into practice and I could also learn and reflect about the process as part of my Master studies. We started by organizing three co-creation sessions in the Innovation Playground at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences. We had two really good sessions with multicultural groups resulting in very interesting insights about authenticity, citizenship, migration and (multicultural) souvenirs. I will be sharing some of these insights later in other posts.

One of the great aspects of the IDE/Open Innovator program is that it stimulates the students to choose activities depending on their interests and within different formats. In this case some students joined the To Kiss or Not to Kiss project as an elective, internship or graduation project.

The co-creation sessions where organized by a multicultural team of students:

  • Robin Busquet – Argentina/Switzerland
  • Jonne Verhoog- The Netherlands
  • Alizee Bollen- Tanzania
  • Aliana Bertolo- Ecuador
  • Martin Kunev- Bulgaria
  • Onandi Elliot- Engalnd
  • Andra Dauti- Kosovo
Co-Creation Sessions -Innovation Playground. The Hague University of Applied Sciences