Culture Cult Exhibition – Dutch Design Hotel Artemis

October 4th was the opening of the Culture Cult Exhibition. It is wonderfully organized by Nadja Schreurs, coordinator of the D&A platform of the Hotel, which has the aim to promote diverse designers and artist through exhibitions in the hotel’s main hall.

D&A Exhibition Culture Cult

 “A variety of polls show us that the Low Countries are among the happiest in the world. However, what is it that characterizes a typical Dutchman? And how does it influence our culture? When we dive into our culture, are we really genuine and authentic Dutch Design or did we become more of an artistic, multicultural mixture?”

From the designer’s perspective, I had a very good experience working with the Artemis Hotel and Nadja. Her interest in promoting the work of designers is very transparent and uncomplicated. Nadja and her staff were very approachable: they answered all questions we had, were open to suggestions and flexible to changes when necessary.

The opening of the exhibition was very well prepared and the food designed by Chef Otilio Valerius inspired by the work of all designers and artists was a tasty surprise to all visitors. The mixed selection of exhibited design products will be available for purchase for a few months. Here are some impressions of the event.



To Kiss or Not To Kiss Prototype Exhibition




Some of the exhibited products. Pictures -Dutch Design Hotel Artemis


The food experience. Pictures -Dutch Design Hotel Artemis