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What has been happening?

It has been a while since the last time I posted something about this project. Apart from being busy with work and my own education, my approach to this project has been to take it one step at…

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First out of twenty

In July I signed up to a course at Dutch Molds to start with the first steps towards making complex plaster molds. Piet van der Sluis is the owner of Dutch Molds in Amsterdam. He has been making…

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Exploring plaster mold-making

In the past few weeks I continued with my quest to search for production alternatives of plaster molds to make the kissing couples in The Netherlands. The purpose is to reduce initial production costs as much as possible.…

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China: Work in progress

I have  been working on the Chinese female. The shape is almost ready and I have started to create the Chinese male so  I will have the first couple ready soon. I will combine this process with a…

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