One more turn around the sun

Dutch Design Week 2018.

It’s already been one year! It all goes so fast!

A year ago, To Kiss or Not to Kiss participated in this design event in collaboration with the Innovation Networks Lectorate from The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Several nice collaborations have happened since then. One of them is the collaboration with the company ‘Social Sculptures’. This company envisions to produce large sculptures of 10 New Dutch Kissing Couples and to put them in public spaces in the form of an itinerant exhibition. A great idea! Fund raising for this project has started and we’ll know soon if this will be realized. Another example is a project in which academics from the University of Leiden and The Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam showed interest on the impact that the project has in relation to people’s perception about identity and nationalism. This promises to provide interesting background information to TKONTK.

The TKONTK-project is participating in the ‘Culture Cult’-Exhibition organized by the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. This thoughtful and surprising exhibition is open from October 4th 2018 to February 6th 2019.

But… why haven’t I published anything on this blog since last year? Well, in the midst of all of this, I was also doing my master studies, and right after DDW 2017, I focused on writing my thesis… and suddenly the summer was there, followed by the start of a new teaching year.