Where can I buy the Souvenirs?

Many people have been asking me when the multicultural souvenirs will be available on the market for purchase. I admit, I would love to see the new Dutch Kissing Couples and the Stroopwafels on the market somewhere. It would be great to find a commercial partner who would want to jump in. I want to be careful though. TKONTK is a complex product, both from the perspective of content as for production. I would like the production to be done as sustain-ably as possible, with good quality and at competitive prices. It proves to be not easy to find financiers or a commercial partner that shares this vision on the project.

Setting up some kind of Souvenir Company is not what I am aiming at, so it is clear that I will not commercialize the product alone. Therefore, I would be very interested to find out if there is a commercial company or entrepreneur who shares the same vision about this project that wants to (participate in) producing it and commercializing it.

Another ‘new souvenir’, the Multicultural Memento Stroopwafels, designed by Aliana Bertolo for TKONTK, has been quite popular as well. This souvenir has been requested as give-away for a few events at the ‘The Hague University of Applied Sciences’, the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’ and the ‘Dutch Design Hotel Artemis’. This product might be easier to commercialize: I’m also very interested to meet commercial partners for this product.