Next to the production of models, I’ve been doing research for the content of the project, learning a bit about Immigration History in the Netherlands and facts and figures about its present population. I am also discovering many interesting design aspects behind each of the chosen countries’ folkloric dresses. A very important aspect of this product is the act of kissing, and how each culture has given a different meaning to it.

Kissing is practiced differently in every culture such as kissing to greet or romantic kissing, we have to learn to adapt to it like in everything else as we live in a multicultural environment. Learning about it is interesting, fun and sometimes controversial, it fits with the new version of the new souvenir products I want to create.



Photo: Jokaland Inspirations

Here below I share a few links to interesting articles and posts about kissing. I’ll be sharing more facts, stories and interviews about this subject along the development of this project, so keep on following!

I’ll be sharing a closer look to this subject in future posts, so keep following!