Samples are ready

During the past few weeks, I’ve invested quite some hours in detailing, sanding and painting and looking at images of the folkloric garments from each of the countries. I don’t have any knowledge about the technique to paint Delft Blue pieces, but I want to show the producer (Montagne Aardenwerkfabriek) the initial ideas I have in mind about the type of detail and quality of the pieces. For the painting of the garments I translated graphics from some fabrics of folkloric dresses of each country. During the process I became fascinated with the stories and knowledge behind each garment. I will share some of this knowledge through blog-posts and the souvenir product .



With big pleasure, I have spent many hours working on this. I used gouache paint in colors that could come close to those used in Delft Blue pieces. Even though there is still room for improvement, I feel quite satisfied about the result. These 6 multicultural kissing couples serve as a good example to explain what the new kissing couple souvenir can become.