Three inspiring visits

Many things inspire me for this project. From what I see around me, to books, phrases, exhibitions and  my students. I will be sharing some of these inspiration sources with you. Today I’d like to start with these three:

The Amsterdam DNA Exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum. Great overview about the History of the city of Amsterdam. It is entertaining and very well designed interactive exhibition. I learnt interesting facts about the origins of the multiculturalism in the city.

I visited The Amsterdam City Archives to find some information for this project and I realized that visiting this building is a ‘must’. The building with the name of De Bazel is beautiful and is one of the most important examples of the Brick Expressionism.  I want to add that people at the reception were very helpful!

In the search of more visual inspiration and understanding about the cultures, I visited the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden. I was there about 7 years ago and later never created the time to go back. Well, this time I fell in love with the museum. An amazing collection of highly skilled handcrafted objects in a huge diversity of materials, all with interesting stories behind them. This project is leading me to meet amazing people and places.