Inspiring visit from Adriana and Carlos

While I carry on making the models of the 6 multicultural kissing couples, I am thinking about the different directions this project could take, the needs and requirements for each of the possibilities. I was getting a bit scrambled up in the process but fortunately I received a nice visit from Mexico, my close friends and design colleagues Adriana Silva (Design in ceramics) and Carlos Alvarado (Industrial Designer and Sculpture Artist). Here’s a nice video about a design project they are involved in.During their visit we discussed about the project’s content as well as its technical and marketing challenges. Their input gave me valuable insights on the different ways I could approach this project.

We were very enthusiastic about the idea to create 10 large Delft Blue kissing couples (170 cms high) and exhibit them in a public space in the city of Amsterdam.  At this point I am seduced by this image so while I continue making new models, I am finding out about what could be the possibilities to make it happen. ( dream on!!)


The visit from Adriana and Carlos was a lot of fun as usual!



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