From mold to final model

This project has its own pace and a mindful decision making process. Many proposals and ideas for the  ‘making of ’ possibilities have agitated my creative mind up to the point of wanting to make this pieces of 180 cms high to be exhibited in public space. I’ll tell a bit more about my research of this possibility in another post.  I concluded that for now, this was not the way to go just for the simple reason that it is not the right timing. So I decided to go back to the original idea for this project which is start with the resources that are at hand and build it up from there.

Finishing the first 12 cms models gave me a quite clear idea of how I could produce the 35 cms models. Making the models in this size allows me to add more character to the pieces and detail to the garments.

As I did with the first pieces, I created a model of the basic structure/form of the kissing couple (male and female). From that model I made plaster molds which I’ll be using to make equal structures for all the 10 couples on to which I will be detailing according to their cultural background like the Chinese plastiline model you see in this video.