Discovering Form

It is time to start the design production of the larger pieces. The new models of the couples will be 35 cms high. This is a size that works well for me and easy transport too. I am using plastiline because this allows me to work on them without the risk of dryness of shrinkage.

There is an ideal plan to produce these pieces which has been discussed with other designer colleagues and Montagne Aardewerkfabriek. I publish this plan later, for now I’d like to focus on what is happening at the moment.

To begin with I cut out an ‘inside structure’ from Styrofoam which makes the pieces much lighter. I covered them with the plastiline to give the basic shape that will serve as a structure.

The plan is to create 20 of these ‘basic body shapes’ to which I will start giving form and character to become the new 10 kissing couples.



Start of initial shapes


In this video you will see parts of the process I followed to make molds of the ears and faces of both male and female. Having these molds ready will help me produce faster the 20 basic body shapes.

In another post I will show the mold making process of the male and female basic body shapes. So keep on following!