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Where can I buy the Souvenirs?

Many people have been asking me when the multicultural souvenirs will be available on the market for purchase. I admit, I would love to see the new Dutch Kissing Couples and the Stroopwafels on the market somewhere. It…

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Diversity is sweet!

The richness of cultural diversity can be expressed in different types of souvenirs. As an opportunity to expand this idea, Aliana Bertolo one of my students at IDE/Open Innovator took the challenge to explore how she could express…

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Video Production and Brand Design

Jokaland Inspirations (Hemang and Suive) is a Photography and video company who have kindly put their time and knowledge on the creation of the introduction video to this project. We brainstormed and discussed about all ideas in a few…

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Three inspiring visits

Many things inspire me for this project. From what I see around me, to books, phrases, exhibitions and  my students. I will be sharing some of these inspiration sources with you. Today I’d like to start with these…

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