Where Can I Buy The Souvenirs?

Where can I buy the Souvenirs?

Many people have been asking me when the multicultural souvenirs will be available on the market for purchase. I admit, I would love to see the new Dutch Kissing Couples and the Stroopwafels on the market somewhere. It…

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Diversity Is Sweet!

Diversity is sweet!

The richness of cultural diversity can be expressed in different types of souvenirs. As an opportunity to expand this idea, Aliana Bertolo one of my students at IDE/Open Innovator took the challenge to explore how she could express…

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First Out Of Twenty

First out of twenty

In July I signed up to a course at Dutch Molds to start with the first steps towards making complex plaster molds. Piet van der Sluis is the owner of Dutch Molds in Amsterdam. He has been making…

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Exploring Plaster Mold-making

Exploring plaster mold-making

In the past few weeks I continued with my quest to search for production alternatives of plaster molds to make the kissing couples in The Netherlands. The purpose is to reduce initial production costs as much as possible.…

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3D Thinking

3D thinking

As we all know 3D printing has been growing and progressing in leaps and bounds in the past years. I was curious to find if it would be an option to 3D print this souvenir in porcelain at…

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From Mold To Final Model

From mold to final model

This project has its own pace and a mindful decision making process. Many proposals and ideas for the  ‘making of ’ possibilities have agitated my creative mind up to the point of wanting to make this pieces of…

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China: Work In Progress

China: Work in progress

I have  been working on the Chinese female. The shape is almost ready and I have started to create the Chinese male so  I will have the first couple ready soon. I will combine this process with a…

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Discovering Form

Discovering Form

It is time to start the design production of the larger pieces. The new models of the couples will be 35 cms high. This is a size that works well for me and easy transport too. I am…

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Shrink Gracefully…

Shrink gracefully…

Still working on the model making process; as I previously mentioned, the modeling clay I’ve used shrinks when it dries. For design purposes it is important to have some control that both pieces (male and female) shrink proportionately,…

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Hands-on, New Rough Sketches.

Hands-on, new rough sketches.

Making the first models was good to gain experience on how to work with modeling clay (the one that hardens up). This clay is not so user friendly, it shrinks while it dries and this leaves a rough…

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First Steps, Materializing Ideas.

First Steps, materializing ideas.

This is how it all started, the first sketch model inspired in a female Turkish folkloric dress.  I transferred this idea into modeling clay and as a next step a mold was made by Montagne Aardenwerkfabriek to slip…

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